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Comment on "Twists and Turns in Apple's History"
by mj — Oct 29
Eptisam wrote: "I'm not sure if the end result (had the iPod not existed) would have been better than what we currently have, but I can imagine a dozen better outcomes than the current one!"

Um, I call bullshit.

"BETTER" is far too subjective to be a value of any use. There was stagnancy since the release of the CD and all the iPod did was pander to a very stagnant market. Back then people were wailing about how great their MP3 players were - whether it was a 10-song Flash player or a massive brick of an Archos device with effectively unlimited storage.

Blaming the lack of a competitive market on the iPod is just daft. When the other MP3 player manufacturers realise that product design is more than a jazzy name, then you might see some progress. iPod, after all, is a shit name.
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