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Comment on "Twists and Turns in Apple's History"
by Benji XVI — Oct 29
Blaming the lack of a competitive market on the iPod is just daft.

mj, I don't believe this is what Eptisam was doing. In fact he explicitly says "I'm not sure if the end result (had the iPod not existed) would have been better than what we currently have".

The fact is it would be a better situation to have a more competitive market. Because although you may like the iPod, someone else might be served by another good player that offers a slightly different feature-set, or design, or whatever. "Better" can indeed be subjective - including what makes a better digital media player. This fact means that a market with lots of great PMPs would be objectively better than a market with only a few made by one company. Better here meaning "best serving the greatest number of consumers."

Whether this is the ipod's fault - no of course it isn't. The ipod is the best thought-out PMP out there. But there was no bullshit here.
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