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Comment on "Implications of Adobe's Intel-Only Soundbooth"
by ssp — Oct 30
Shouldn't it simply be good old bottom line reasons that made Adobe's choice?

I assume that such a media intensive project may require some low-level work, possibly with that processor specific SIMD stuff. I can very well imagine that there aren't all that many people who are good at doing that kind of programming, that they're quite expensive and that Adobe may prefer to use them for their other applications.

Sure, it's not nice to see the PowerPC platform being left by companies. But I fully assume that it makes 'business sense' for the people who do it. Let's say it takes another year until their Soundbooth is ready, how many of the people who do sound stuff at a level where GarageBand doesn't cut it won't have Intel Macs by then?

Just from a superficial look... why aren't people more concerned about pretty much every new application coming with its own (ugly) UI these days?
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