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Comment on "Implications of Adobe's Intel-Only Soundbooth"
by Dan Price — Oct 30
I used to be a fan of Adobe, but their recent behaviour has changed all that. I attended a siminar or CS2 and LightRoom a few months back at a Mac user group. The software crashed repeatedly and seemed inordinately bloated and the UI was non-Mac like. They were demoing the same things at MacExpo UK last week, and suprise surprise, same problems. Only now they've renamed it 'Adobe Photoshop Lightroom' and blamed the problems on the beta-status of the software. No-one else's software had these problems, even Quark, who have re-invented themselves.

Adobe have had a monoploy with their sofware for far too long. They're showing all the signs of a monolpolistic company that has forgotten how to compete and now sees it's brand name, not it's product, as it's most important asset.

They're also not the first dual-platform company to make compromises on the Mac for the benefit of the larger Windows platform.

Apple is right to challenge them, and any other company that thinks it can hold the platform hostage. I don't see Adobe dieing anytime soon - Photoshop is still the killer app - but strong competition is in everyone's best interest.

As for only developing for Intel, have they learned nothing?!
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