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Comment on "Implications of Adobe's Intel-Only Soundbooth"
by Dan Price — Oct 30
If they don't see a market on PPC Macs, well then they won't make the effort to program for it.

So why don't we as developers save ourselves a lot of heartache and switch to Windows? :P

The most successful pioneers saw the potential of their product and created the market. Apple and DTP for example.

Apple was so successful with it's ppc-x86 transition because they engineered their APIs to be abstract from the hardware from the very beginning with OSX. Adobe are struggling to release UB-versions of their products because their codebases are tied too closely to the old Carbon APIs and the PPC. By tying their future products to a particular CPU, even Intel, they risk the same hardship in future should Apple migrate again (it could happen).

I find this attitude incredible coming from a mature company like Adobe. Intel-only products are inevitable, just like the first PPC-only products. But it's far too soon. The last range of G5 Macs were not snails by any means. Why limit their product's appeal to what is a small 1st-gen Intel userbase, when the bulk of their customers are still on PPC precisely because they haven't ported their main product suite yet?
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