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Comment on "Nintendo's Big Idea is Not the Wiimote"
by nate — Oct 30
You've hit everything right for me as I am comsidering on buying a Wii instead of a PS3 or a 360. I'm only 24 years old but I'm getting tired of playing RPGs or games that requires long hours just to really enjoy them having wasted an hour or 2 trying to learn the gist of the game. I have more important things to do than spend my time getting immersed on games.

Back then, I've spent 100+ hours playing FFVIII just to get everything the game has offered, and even playing multiple times just to get an A ranking and 2.5hours of gameplay on Resident Evil 2. As of now, I've played Kingdom Hearts 2 only reaching level 52 and not completing everything the game offers since I no longer have anytime; I might lost interest since I'm looking forward to the story; and I really hated that the boss fight at the end took almost an hour to finished just to see the damn ending to the game.

I'm out of the epic grandscale games and I don't want to be frustrated anymore trying for multiple times to get something perfect on the gameplay. I'm up for Wii instant gratification. Now I could have more fun in my 2 hours of quiet times at night before I go to bed.
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