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Comment on "Implications of Adobe's Intel-Only Soundbooth"
by Juanxer — Oct 31
Let's admit something: Apple has declared PPC a dead end, and this conduct from Adobe was to be expected. In fact, try some other optimization-dependent software areas, such as games: most Mac developers will say they'll go Intel-only for new original or Windows port product about mid-to-end of next year, if not right now.

Actually, Sound Booth and Lightroom look like a very interesting experiment in app development for a company like Adobe: do some fast "cheap" prototyping and test user reaction, instead of the traditional route these giant software businesses usually follow.

I completely believe Adobe when it says it has to balance resources when determining things like PPC compatibility. It has an ENORMOUS lot of apps to port to Mac Intel (nd nobody would be complaining if Apple had happened to stick to the original Mac Intel launch timetable).

I don't expect Apple to transition to any new processor technology that isn't endorsed by the whole personal computer industry: PPC, ultimately, has been a long and tortuous detour, and going Intel surely was the plan since the Copland crisis onwards. By going mainstream, Apple eludes lots of hardware development and production misery: now the whole PC world is its hardware design and fabrication unit!
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