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Comment on "Twists and Turns in Apple's History"
by Eptisam — Oct 31
Not sure if anyone will be reading my response, but I think that one of the effect the iPod has had is that DRM solutions are viewed with a greater credibility, because there seems to be this one vendor out there than can make it work.

So imagine a very fragmented market still going on today... *Maybe* this would have forced record companies to sell some more files through vendors like emusic.

Obviously this is all conjecture, but for me, for the ipod to have been this *great* device, it would have had to bring some industry wide positive effects. Example of those effects would be things like:

- A standard to connect an MP3 player to a car stereo (yes apple does that, but only for themselves).
- A standard with respect to audio files (again, apple keeps fairplay mostly for itself)
- A standard ITUNES product that works with my muvo.

Just having a smaller form factor, I think, would have eventually being brought by someone else. What is tougher imho are the moves that go beyond just one company.

Anyways, my overall point is that while I really see tangible positive effects from the existance of Mac Os X, I think the fact the iPod has become a sort of monopoly has done some disservice to the consumer as a whole because the bar was not set high enough (in terms of consumer features).
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