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Comment on "TextMate Now Has Cocoa Completions"
by Scott Stevenson — Oct 31
I don't think I would have the patience to copy and paste code back and forth from a text editor and XCode simply for the sake of better text-handling.

Neither do I.

To expand on what Alastair said, Xcode has a feature called "external editor support," meaning you double-click on a file in Xcode and it opens in your editor. You also just drag the whole group of files to the TextMate icon.

TextMate also has a front end to the Xcode build system, so you just hit command-B and watch the process go. I haven't found a way to do debugging with it, though.

Also "better text handling" is quite the understatement. There's a reason it won best developer tool at WWDC. :)
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