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Comment on "TextMate Now Has Cocoa Completions"
by Bill Coleman — Nov 02
XCode still isn't as nice as say, Visual Studio

Gack! I still can't believe he said that!

I use VS 2005 every day. It's a toy compared to XCode. Sure, it looks like it has a lot of pretty features, but many things don't work correctly. Builds take forever, the Visual Designer is a joke, and many times a day I feel like just taking the whole machine and chucking it out the nearest window!

XCode, on the other hand, is a joy to use, appears to handle lots of complex code with aplumb, understands how to make effective use of multiple cores, and has never just gone out to lunch on me.

Tidbit: Microsoft does not use Visual Studio internally for development. Apple does use XCode. It shows.
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