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Comment on "New Quartz Tutorial at Cocoa Dev Central"
by ssp — Nov 03
Definitely looks nicer than what Apple offer. I would have appreciated tutorial in this style when I fought my way through Apple's documentation a few years back. And I guess that'll be more significant for topics that are more advanced than just those few structs.

Providing links to Apple's documentation of the structs and classes you use could also be helpful.

(What I found a bit unclear when skimming through the text is that at the end you actually go and draw things using stuff like [self bounds] without being explicit that you better be a NSView subclass when doing that - which may be non-obvious to beginners. In addition, just calling -set on a colour probably wants you to be in some similar situation. The Drawing Groups sample code can probably be simplified even more by just using a single NSColor object (rather than an array) an set that at the beginning of the loop without the +redColor first initialisation.)
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