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Comment on "TextMate for Projects with Both HTML and Code"
by David Cairns — Nov 06
I've been using TextMate since the Summer. I'm not too good at saving money, and I was using TM on three different computers almost every day, so i figured, "Sure, $50 for a text editor is reasonable!" Sarcasm aside, I have been very happy with this decision.
I tend to keep Xcode open while I'm working on my code in TM, and, though I build using TextMate, Linker errors don't show up yet. This is pretty much my only gripe about the product. Also, I wish there was some way to bring back that scary Halloween icon.

Aside: I have never been involved in a flame war before, but I heard that people that use Blackboard are inferior at writing Cocoa versus people that use Espresso Libre*.

-- david
*Note that I learned bindings from a tutorial Scott wrote.
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