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Comment on "Xbox Live Movies Isn't iTunes Yet"
by Blain — Nov 08
I was going to wager that the service will work with Zunes, but the Zune doesn't offer video playback? If not, that's a real missed oppurtunity.

Dollars to donuts that the iTv will allow for direct hookup and playback from an ipod (Thus the USB ports in back). That's going to be a major advantage.

Were the Zune able to support video, it could serve as the storage for Xbox core systems, which don't have hard drives, and thus, wouldn't be able to play.

The only other solution, but this requires more integration than the standard MS plays, would be for cores or even all xboxes to delegate downloading to a PC, only sending out the request, and have the PC in the back room do the heavy lifting while the xbox continues to either browse or play games.

This could also combat the 'shop via controller' arguement, if the user also could buy via pc as well. As it is, I do believe the xbox allows for streaming video from PCs.

Again, there is an actual oppurtunity, and could be even a threat to the iTunes setup, if MS was nimble and played its cards right. However, my money is on fumbled implementation, broken promises, and vapor announcements.
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