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Comment on "Welcome to the 64-Bit Era"
by J. Kritner — Nov 08
But the MacBooks and the MacBook Pro still have that 3GB of RAM limitation.
Actually the new Macbook is limited to only 2 GB, also the current iMac is also limited to only 3 GB.

Strangely this is actually a problem with Intel's current NAPA chipset for notebooks, the memory controller is only 32bit. Technically this should mean that you could have 4 GB of memory, BUT a chunk of the 32bit memory space is absorbed by things like graphics memory and hardware addressing so that would limit the available RAM to something like 3.2 GB.

IIRC Intel is releasing the 64bit NAPA in Q1 2007 so maybe we will see a version bump. Big question will be wether we have to get 4 GB SO-DIMMs or if Apple can cram a couple more memory slots w/o a complete redesign of the notebook internals...
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