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Comment on "Welcome to the 64-Bit Era"
by Dan Price — Nov 09
I wonder why the whole Intel-transition, and 64-bit migration has been so underplayed by both Apple and the IT industry? The company is capable of feats that many others would never contemplate, nevermind achieve in 18 months. It only struck me recently that EVERY Mac is now a multi-processor Mac.

The days of Macs trailing behind PCs in performance is over.

I was at MacExpo UK in October and Apple was running a presentation comparing the features and price of the MacPro to the equivelant Dell. Behind me, sat a couple of PC-heads. When the presenter revealed the huge difference in price (in the Mac's favor) on the Dell website, they were gobsmacked. It was like their whole world had been turned upside down. And they can run their Windblows games if they want to.

Really, who would have thought? :)
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