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Comment on "Xbox Live Movies Isn't iTunes Yet"
by Michael — Nov 14
You can stream video/music/pictures from the Zune to the Xbox 360. I implemented part of it.

You can also stream video/music/pictures from an attached USB mass storage device, a disc inserted into the console, or a networked PC (including TwonkyVision and Connect360 for Linux and Mac respectively -- networked streaming just uses UPnP -- and both of these are adding streaming video support now that Microsoft added it.)

There are many forces swirling around in the digital entertainment maelstrom. DRM is one -- stuff like FairPlay and Macrovision and HDCP can restrict how you move content around and what you can do with it. Bandwidth is another -- not just WAN but also wireless LAN; we've still got a ways to go before you can stream multiple simultaneous HD video streams in real-time. Codecs are yet another -- so many container formats and stream encodings, with newer/better/different ones coming out every year. Etc.

You know that Apple and Microsoft and all the other companies in this space work on this stuff for years before it hits the street. So the features you're seeing now were imagined into being a short while ago, and more ideas have already been thought of and are being developed now for the future; and yet more things are being dreamt of now. We live in interesting times, and it's going to be fun to watch where all this technology goes (pun intended).
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