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Comment on "Mobile Phone Buying Experience"
by David — Nov 26
I've had Tmobile for the past 2 years and haven't been that satisfied with their signal or their customer service. I'm located in the South Bay Area. My original contract or reason to swtich was b/c a friend of mine worked their and offered me 50% off the bill, but after the 3rd month he wasn't able to do it anymore and I just ended up paying regular price.
I renewed my contract w/ Tmobile at a local b/c of the phone they offered (Ericcson K750i). The signal was still weak but I enjoyed the phone. Over the past year I tried using the razr instead of the Ericcson and that did give me better signal.
Right now I'm in the process of getting a new contract, possibly with Sprint or Cingular. I do like the new sidekick 3 and it serves my purpose for text messeging, but I'm not sure if I'll be satisfied with the signal. I talked to a local representative and he informed me that Cingular and Tmobile have weak signals when using phones that are not one originally offered by those companies, such as the Ericcson K750i that I was using. Something about different band frequencies.
Any other comments on sidekick3 reception in south bay area? Thanks
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