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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by Jack — Nov 29
I think you've got it all wrong. Mac has problems too, as does Microsoft Windows. Linux is easy to use and has many features you just don't get out of the box with Mac or Microsoft Windows. Your problems probably are support related because you didn't purchase a Linux computer, Linux accessories, etc. Your looking at it from one unique perspective. In the US Mac desktops make up a larger market share than Linux desktops. The catch is Mac market outside of the states is tiny to non-existent. Linux on the other hand has a large market share that is diverse and spread out around the world. As a result you see it less, you see less support, etc. But it does have a good size of the desktop market.

What I find funny is how Apple takes what is essentially a "GNU/Linux project" and strips out the good stuff. Konqueror has many excellent hidden features that aren't available in Safari. Safari's html rendering engine is the Konqueror KHTML rendering engine.
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