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Comment on "The Land of Empty Boxes"
by Scott Stevenson — Dec 03
I understand the reasons for doing it, it just feels strange. I think Nintendo would be better served by using the same space for an additional demo unit, even though I realize that's more tricky to set up. As for theft, the electronics are already in their own security gate-controller corral.

Apple is the manufacturer of most of the products it sells at retail, so they can take a holistic approach to the store layout and design

I agree to a point. They make the Macs and the iPods, but many of the books, software, and accessories are third-party. None of them are empty boxes, at least not in the stores I've been to.

I don't think empty boxes are the end of the world, I just think it mucks with the experience a bit. Feeling the density of the thing inside is part of the reason for picking up the box in the first place. It's at least much more satisfying than a "brochure cube." :)
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