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Comment on "The Land of Empty Boxes"
by Robert — Dec 04
YES !!! The web insanity of the 90s was ALYWAYS RIGHT-ON !!

One day a generation will SUDDENLY awaken to this fact ...

... notice at the close of the internet generation the HUGE growth of Walmart supper store and some other NEW chains that are even bigger then WaM !

These huge warehouses will soon by occupied by large coops of students who will turn them into Zero cost dorms as the realest market collapses in the USA.

They should be great fun at Halloween and Christmas time when they put huge haunted houses and Christmas scenes on the roof !

The kill app that will kill real shopping will be virtual tech that will allow you to feel and move as the software directs, this will be done with EMS,

I have used this for years to exercise and it is particularly good because it hardens your muscles against cramps, and the back against pain from strain.

But at minor amps to create the sensation of touching something its great and to make move, it can do that TOO !

Then all we need is smEllO vision, a little ionizer that stick your nose and has scratchySMELLs that can be activated by the ionizer !!!

Don't bother suggesting this to APPLE I already did many times and a long time ago !
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