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Comment on "Oblivion on Xbox 360"
by John — Dec 05
Oblivion on intel iMacs is perfectly possible and is it actually (with the 256 mb version) just about as good as the 360 version.

First off...the 360 only has 512 MB main ram. iMacs come standard with DDR2 SDRAM...1GB.

And my iMac is a 64-bit intel core 2 duo 2.16GHz oh and let's not forget that there is a 4 MB cache for both processors...Yeah so the 360 has 3 processors....but they're not utilized fully in all but a handful of games. And oblivion is not one of them. Gears of War is one of those examples that uses all three of the processors.

Oblivion on dual core intel will have both processors being used so therefore....with a 256 mb video card in an iMac...the performance should be almost the same. (even with 128 mb'll still be damn good)

And what's this about not being able to run the game at whatever resolution? You can set it to whatever you want it to (obviously taking note that performance would drop.

iMacs in bootcamp run games fantastically. Half-Life 2 runs absolutely WONDERFUL on an OLDER 32 BIT 1.83 GHz dual core iMac with only 512 mb system ram and 2 mb cache for the processors. It is unBELIEVABLE the doors that have been opened to mac gamers through bootcamp.

Bruno...sorry man, but you're quite wrong. Macs are now gaming machines.
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