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Comment on "I Cancelled My TV Service"
by Steve-o — Dec 05
The 20" iMac is just a few feet from my bed so it works perfectly with Front Row and the remote.

Yah, I'm not so lucky in that respect. And we do have the occasional "movie party" or the like, so having a larger, dedicated screen in the living room is a plus. This is one of those I-got-married-and-now-have-more-space kinds of things, I guess.

If I end up with a Wii at some point, I might bring the TV back just for that. I could also use a separate monitor but not sure how the cabling situation works. Plus there are some sort of sensors that sit on top, right?

I looooooove my Wii. The Wii brought be back to console gaming in the same way the DS brought me back to handhelds.

Anyway, it's a little tricky to connect a Wii to a PC monitor, unfortunately. at least so far... there's no VGA cable solution. Yet. There will be at some point, I'm sure. But right now you'd need some kind of conversion box, which introduces delay/lag.

And there is a sensor bar which you place either on top or below the screen. That can be done with a computer monitor, of course. And this is a more... fudgeable... factor, because all the bar does is emit infrared light which the Wii remote sees which is how it calculates location. Since that's all it is, people have demonstrably ditched the sensor bar for alternatives -- candles (!), battery-powered LEDs, etc. So you can always find a way to make it work in your rig.

That ended up being quite the tangent. Sorry 'bout that!
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