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Comment on "I Cancelled My TV Service"
by Bret — Dec 06
We're thinking about getting a HD big-screen... primarally for movies (we'll see what shakes out from the HD-DVD/BluRay format war) and stuff from Discovery/TLC (the DVR is a godsend!). However, I'm making doggon sure that it's got enough inputs for a Mini and maby an X-Box (OK, OK, I'll admit it - I'm a Bungie freak, going back to the days of Marathon running on an 8100)...
I'm afraid I can name the shows I want to watch regularly on one hand, though - MythBusters, CSI (the original), House (Hugh Laurie fan, from back when he did Jeves and Wooster), and occasionally one of Discovery Networks car shows (Overhauln', Rides, American Chopper, or American Hot Rod - the latter two are excelent examples of how not to run a buisness!). Now, if a) iTunes had these in their current episode, not just ones from several seasons ago (I just check again - the MythBusters are all quite old), and 2) I had a fast enough internet connection (podcasts and software updates choke my poor dsl modem - I hate to think of what multiple 3-8GB downloads of TV shows would do to it!) then I might be able to get rid of the DSS subscription, but...
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