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Comment on "Cocoa Dev Central Donations"
by Michael Strck — Dec 07
This is actually incredibly bizarre timing because just minutes ago I opened your email to send you a thank-you note. I do send a personal email to everyone who donates, but a few got lost in the shuffle, and I was in the midst of going back and correcting that.

Thank you! I was not actually complaining and figured it had simply fallen between the cracks. I was just trying to make a point.

I'll also try to do something about the fact that your name is being mangled by the comment system. :)

Thanks. I have been bitten by this a few times when commenting here. I always forget to leave out the umlaut and use "oe" instead. Just in case: It's an "umlaut o", a.k.a "; decimal Unicode 246; hexadecimal Unicode 00F6; Latin small letter o with diaeresis" ;-)

All the best,
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