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Comment on "Lightweight Ruby Frameworks"
by Daniel Lyons — Dec 10

Firstly, to refute Mr. Ryland, if you are going to use a Python framework you're much better off with Pylons and SQLAlchemy (which is by far the best library in existence for Python). Django, apart from Guido's blessing, is an unremarkable framework when compared to Pylons, CherryPy or TurboGears.

I don't see any harm in trying out a small framework and then trying another one. Just do it out of a desire to experiment, not out of fear of Rails. Rails isn't hard enough to warrant starting with something simpler.

I would definitely recommend Mongrel for all your Rails serving. It's fast and secure and doesn't add much overhead. If it starts to suck you can always upgrade to LigHTTPd or Apache+FastCGI.

I would give ErlyWeb a try if you want to give something really different and high-performance a shot.
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