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Comment on "Apple's Overall Strategy for Frameworks"
by Chris — Dec 12
Yup, you're on target. Apple doesn't have a Grand Unified Frameworks strategy, but it does have longer-term occasional 'story arcs', if you will, such as Core Video, animation, and Core Data.

Apple actually had a number of system apps implemented in Cocoa-Java at one time, but ported them (in some cases ported them back) to Objective-C because they were losing a lot of performance. Java added another dynamic runtime layer onto Objective-C, which itself has a nontrivial amount of dynamic indirection. Not speedy.

CocoaJava was originally an attempt to co-opt the circa-2000 level of hype around the Java language, as well as quelling developer angst over the ObjC syntax. (They tried but were unable to come up with a workable Algol-like syntax for ObjC that ObjC partisans didn't hate.) I don't think Apple would have bothered with it in today's environment.
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