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Comment on "The Sleeper Hit Feature in Leopard"
by Dale — Dec 13
I wrote about the Scripting Bridge in my blog. My concern is that it will be limited like NSAppleScript has always been, or more recently like the minimally implemented QTKit, iChat Instant Message Framework, etc.

The article's description is just too light on basic detail to determine if it's worth getting excited about the Scripting Bridge. For example, is the Scripting Bridge two way? I assume you can send data to another app, but the article doesn't say this. Can the Scripting Bridge hand data to another app, let this app transform it, and return it to the original app? How do you work out what code to write? Do you have to write an AppleScript to understand each app's Scripting Dictionary and then translate that into Cocoa?

Don't get me wrong. The Scripting Bridge seems great. And I don't expect to have Leopard's developer documentation released to the public. But it would be good if Apple gave us just enough info to know Leopard's technologies will be useful and not another limited framework.
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