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Comment on "Apple's Overall Strategy for Frameworks"
by leeg — Dec 13
I agree with Chris and his idea of "story arcs" flowing through Mac OS X. IMO 10.0-10.2 was "In which OPENSTEP finds its way onto the consumer desktop", and 10.3-10.*5* (basically, the addition of Cocoa Bindings, Core Data and ObjC 2 properties) is "In which the Model and Controller are done for, as Interface Builder did for the View". Simultaneously there have been other stories at other levels, for instance "In which Darwin enters the 21st Century" followed by "In which Darwin becomes an innovator in the UNIX world".

As the computer next to this iBook is a 1ft magnesium cube, I was one of the people who mourned the loss of ObjC-EOF. OTOH there *were* only ever a few tens of thousands of such people, compared with tens of millions waiting for a desktop OS which sucked less than Mac OS 8.
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