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Comment on "New Site: Cocoa Blogs"
by Hkan — Dec 14
<i>Seriously, here's the issue. If there's an RSS feed for all the posts, I feel like the site just becomes a feed server where you bounce directly to the article. I'm not sure that makes sense, but I could see room for an authenticated feed for users who make a donation (DF-style).</i>

Well, right now, Cocoa blogs is just a few collections of links that will be regularly updated, right? So if one particular collection (for example "Featured topics") interests me, why can't I be kept updated via a feed?

I don't think you will have to worry about people just reading a post and not commenting, if that's what you mean. Feeds is mainly a way to be notified of new content; if a topic really interests you, you will join the discussion in the comments section as well.
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