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Comment on "TextMate Math Bundle Basics"
by Scott Stevenson — Dec 22
Excel launches a lot faster on my MacBook than it would take me to hunt through the Math Bundle, Google for a Ruby one-liner

Good thing you don't have to do that each time. :) I guess I'm just not Excel person.

lots of different apps working in concert rather than the monolithic you-should-never-need-to-leave-this-app approach

Assuming you're suggesting TextMate is one of these apps, I think you've mischaracterized it. If you haven't already, give TextMAte a try and see what you think. I think Allan has done a fantastic job of creating a very shallow hierachy in which the complexity scales linearly.

Really, it was just a fun post to show what's possible and demonstrate modifying a bundle item. I never meant it to actually be a way to add up log file sizes.
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