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Comment on "Cha-Ching: Making Fun of Money"
by Jon H — Dec 23
I'd have to say that the little guys in the Quicken space on the Mac would be better off opening up APIs or data formats, so that other developers can implement various Quicken-like features as separate tools or programs.

For instance, a chart generator, or a budgeting application, could use ChaChing's data.

As far as the toy/game distinction goes, I suppose it's like a coin-sorting Big Bird bank I had when I was little. You could have Big Bird drop a coin in a slot, then you'd watch it slide/roll down the transparent inner works and fall into the appropriate slot.

Not so much a 'game' (no goals), but certainly a 'toy', despite having a function.

Maybe ChaChing and Delicious Library ought to be called "Toyetic Tools", though that's a misuse of the term 'toyetic', which refers to potential for tied-in toys for a media property (action figures, etc - Star Wars was highly Toyetic. "Anastasia" was not, resulting in the rather odd artifact of a Burger King kids meal toy of the hard-to-kill Russian mystic Rasputin.)
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