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Comment on "Cha-Ching: Making Fun of Money"
by David — Dec 23
Toy is sort of a loaded term, especially for Mac users. That was a favorite catch phrase/insult for a number of years. Either way, the simple fact is that does keep track of your money.

Hence my use of "non-pejorative", which should have made it crystal clear that I wasn't using toy as a "loaded term".

The distinction between a toy and a game is an important one. Although Delicious Library doesn't have rules and end-goals, it does have a toy-like aspect in that its contents can be assembled and ordered to produce a pleasing outcome -- one which is determined by the user/player. The elements of building and organizing, combined with "color" (in the Monopoly token sense of the word) add quite a lot of value over the usual (somewhat drab) media cataloging applications.

I'm all for adding fun and attractive features to otherwise-dull applications.

That was a favorite catch phrase/insult for a number of years

Meh. There's never a shortage of insults, especially in the rarified habitat that is Mac development. Therefore, might as well just call things as you see them and let other people make up their own minds. If people want to take this labelling stuff seriously, well, that's up to them.
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