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Comment on "Sanity Checking for Scripting Languages"
by labrat — Dec 24
I think this is a big reason why "writing tests" is such a hot topic in the rails community. You've basically got to become your own compiler.

This and the other so-called "goofball" post was a sigh of relief for me. Getting the hang of rails sometimes makes me feel like a total and complete idiot. I'm sure there are long-term productivity gains hidden somewhere but sometimes you waste large chunks of time going down undocumented rabbit holes so much that yu lose motivation.

Thanks for sharing this.

Anytime I see "ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::MysqlAdapter", I usually assume that my MySQL server is stopped or something fudged my mysql gem.

Other than that I get debugging help from unit tests and taking a good look at the error messages that come up in the terminal (these can be quite informative when you get used to it).
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