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Comment on "Sanity Checking for Scripting Languages"
by Jan — Dec 26
Scott: [...] over the course of nine years of using PHP[...]

Did you ever had a look at PHP on Trax? I wanted to get what Rails was all about but I just didn't have the time to learn Ruby first. With a huge PHP background, Trax gives you a lot of Rails goodies without taking you too far away from what you know on a pretty intimate level.

PHP on Trax is not as complete and actively developed as Rails, but all the neat things are there and it is very easy to add features. There are more Rails-like implementations in PHP which I didn't look into yet.

I managed to bring up a project in around half the time it used to take with Trax. I even bought the Rails Book and I really appreciate the effort that is put into it but as for now, I can't afford to leave PHP for Ruby for my commercial work.

Currently, I try to wrap my head around ObjC and Cocoa and Carbon on the side, which is why I don't want to mess with Ruby now — maybe later.
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