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Comment on "Paying for Beta Software"
by Trausti Thor Johannsson — Dec 26
Beta is a finished product feature wise, it just might contain bugs. Calling an application that doesn't have all features a beta is not correct.

I am not saying that you can't add features while it is in beta, but mainly a beta version is feature complete, just might contain bugs. So I don't agree fully.

Selling a beta version is another thing. What Cha ching is doing correctly is selling it at a probably 50% discount, which is nice, but it constitutes a commitment, even if he only sells one copy, he must finish the product. This is a lousy way to test the market with.

And that Apple sold beta of Mac OS X 10.0 for $30, well you did recieve a nice looking box and a CD, it was pretty much to cover the shipping and handling, totally different.
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