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Comment on "Paying for Beta Software"
by Kay — Dec 26

FWIW I never buy software without trying it first. Normally, you'll see very soon if it is actually stable enough to be used. If it isn't, I won't buy it.

I couldn't care less if the software developer calls it alpha, beta or stable.
If it isn't working, I don't use it. If it's mostly working and I really get a bang out of using it, then I would consider paying money up front.

Especially if I get a discount.

The problem for the developer is of course to get attention. It's a lot of work to polish an application, even if it is small. The temptation to release it too early is great and if you plan on charging money for it and people get free pre-releases, then it's hard to convince them to pay money for it later. I know I react that way. Probably just out of instinct, because I tend to buy software from small developers much more than I would spend several hundreds of dollars for products.

As Scott said, it's just 15 bucks. It solves the problem. And hey, you even get more features in the end ;)
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