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Comment on "Paying for Beta Software"
by Philippe Regenass — Dec 28
Thank you Scott for this article. I'm currently a student and finish it in summer 2007. My dream was own little software company for Mac OS X. That's the reason why i start a jear ago with th development my own little shareware application called Luscious SMS. 01.01.2007 starts the public beta phase and also the "early bird". Sorry for this excursion.I want say with this is, I can't found software company without experience about shareware development and resulting money.
Selling Luscious SMS as beta version (reduced price of course) is a good experience for my and in summer 2007 I have enough facts to decide if I want further on developing sharware applications.
PS: I respekt the article from ThinkMac about [url_]selling beta versions [/url]. This article was my reason to implementing Help in the first coming beta version of Luscious SMS ;-)
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