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Comment on "Cha-Ching: Making Fun of Money"
by Don Meyer — Dec 29
the one item that keeps me tied to Quicken is the ability to easily download and reconcile transactions from my bank

If I'm reading it right, iBank seems to mention this as a feature on the home page.

Hmm, well, it does let you load in data from your bank that you download, which is close to what Quicken does but not quite it.

Not only does Quicken do that in one more-or-less seamless operation (as opposed to log onto the bank website, download a file, then import into iBank), but my bank doesn't appear to let me download a file.
An app like Quicken can use some magical interface to acquire the data, but I've been unable to find a way that I can download it as a file.
This means that even if I accepted the higher effort method, it's not an option unless I change banks...

(I don't quite hate Quicken that much, but that day may come! :-)

iBank's FAQ indicates that they are looking into this capability, but don't have it yet.
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