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Comment on "The Year in Mac Development"
by Matt Tavares — Jan 02
One thing I didn't get this year was the MacHeist controversy. All the developers are adults and fully knew what they were doing. In any case, it raised a ton of money for charity and it means that 16,000 people now potentially use TextMate (and develop bundles for it). If those two things can't make the world a saner place, what can :-) ?

I think the problem with Macheist was that people where confused what other people where getting angry about. It wasn't THAT they raised tons of money for charity, it was that they branded the entire week benifiting indie mac when all they did was pay them a VERY low set fee. Sure, 16 000 textmate users are nice, but when Allan gets back from his vacation hes going to have 16 000 people to answer to, most of whom will be totally oblivious to what TextMate even does.

Also, becuase MacHeist requested the developer to implement a special serial activiation exception in there app, there are tons of cracked MacHeist apps circulating the internet.

And all this was supposed to benifit developers...
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