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Comment on "The Year in Mac Development"
by Jeff — Jan 02
A fine article, Scott.

I agree that the jury on HIG issues will have to remain out until Leopard's "top secret" features are out and see if/how they affect the GUI. Core animation in menu items? Makes me fear a bit for the future of bad designs. That said, the Apple guys seem confident the interface is moving along soundly, and they know more of what's coming than I do.

@Scott: an effort to find creative sources of funding, the developers of both Cha-Ching and Disco introduced the unothodox idea of selling beta software at a reduced price.

This has happened for several OSes (BeOS, Rhapsody, Mac OS X Public Beta), and has happened before with Mac software. Some developers have consistently offered discounted early-adopter prices during their public beta periods, but perhaps it got more talked about this year for some reason.
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