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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by Jesper — Jan 02
Well written. I agree on most points.

There's a case to be made for the same argument for those of us who only put out free apps in our free time, though. If you're not plunking down $25 on the initial software, you're in fact far less likely to want to spend $129 for 10.5, despite paying less on the whole. "This software isn't worth paying for, yet he expects me to spend $130 on upgrading my OS to a version that just came out? The *nerve*!"

This doesn't mean that the benefits are fewer or lesser for developers, but it puts you in an awkward spot where people are expecting, in some scenarios, significantly larger efforts for something they don't have to pay for than something they do have to pay for. It's an interesting situation.

(I also like the "(remember, new year)" reminder in the anti-spam part of the comment form.)
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