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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by ssp — Jan 03
In principle I agree with your points, Scott. Saving time and investing in the future probably is where the money is.

The only thing that puzzles me about the upgrades are old machines of which there still should be plenty around. Already the switch to X.4 was quite taxing for early G4 models without a lot of memory or G3 models. And for X.5 I suspect it just won't be worth upgrading on those old machines, so these users (like my mum, say) probably just won't be there for the wonders of X.5 and they won't upgrade either as even an old Pismo works very well for e-mail and web surfing.

Of course that won't affect products like Delicious Library which has always performed poorly on such machines, but for applications with better performance it may make a difference.

The other question is where you are coming from. If you are starting a new application, it's probably much more compelling to use all the new features. If you already have a working code base, it may be trickier to decide whether it's worth to reduce the target audience just to include a new feature.

Whenever I look at the code I've written in the X.1 and X.2 days, I sigh at the time I wasted just handling variables, storage and so on.
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