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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by David — Jan 03
New tech is all very well, and of course geeks will always be attracted to it, but let's remember that a new feature isn't of much use if your customers can't (or won't) actually use it...

If your customers are early adopters (i.e. geeks) or you target the Mac bloggersphere for marketing or kudos purposes (a market which is unrepresentative of the Mac market as a whole) then ok, fine, Leopard is a no-brainer.

BUT, if you have an established customer base, representing a fair spread of the Mac user base, then as a business person (i.e. not a geek) you'd have to seriously question doing Leopard-only development at this stage. Anyone with such a customer base here can tell you that their customers aren't all going to switch to Leopard immediately, any more than they all rushed out and bought Tiger over night.

As for Delicious Library, anyone who believes that Wil has all the answers in this department should contact me about some swamps I need to sell. Unlike the vast majority of developers around here, Wil has an established product and customer base and revenue base that allows him to make such a jump. Remember that Wil will no doubt continue to sell both versions of his products. That may make him a canny businessmen but such a tactic is hardly logical for all developers.
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