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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by delta — Jan 03
I'm not quite sure if some of the assumptions are true.
- Users who don't upgrade their OS are less likely to upgrade apps

I'm very sure this is wrong. There are a lot of reason to stay at 10.3.9 OS X Server as example. People with networks don't switch as long as they have better apps at PPC, MS-Office for example and Photoshop.
We don't speak for OS X behind 10.3.
There are complex or less complex applications. Textmate is a less one - not a bad one. But is still an editor not a CMS or an IDE. If there is an old 1.5.X and a new one no one get hurt.
Photoshop or Office - iWork it we'll hurt a huge base of customers, that I don't believe that they can abandon the PPC Universal class for say a year or two.

Garbage collector was implemented in Oberon about 14 years ago. Can anyone explain why Objective C shouldn't have it for say at least 4 years.

It comes probably to the question - does Objective C 2.0 run on PPC ?
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