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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by Martin Pilkington — Jan 04
Shaun - You have to remember that Garbage Collection is opt-in. You can choose to use the Leopard frameworks with manual memory management or you can turn GC on in your app and it will ignore all your retain, release, autorelease methods.

As for going to leopard, I plan on going to Leopard only with version 2.0 of my app. However, I only released 1.0 in november and have several versions lined up between now and then. The problem of course is that building up my target base is far more important at the moment than using Leopard technologies. You should really only go Leopard only if you have a new application under development or a major upgrade to an already popular app. If you have just released a 1.0 then you should try and wait until a 2.0 to make it Leopard only.

Also changing to Leopard only with a 1.x update would just piss off customers, who have likely bought your app on the understanding that all 1.x updates would be free. You are effectively making them pay an upgrade fee to get features of your app they thought would be free.
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