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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by Dan Price — Jan 04
It's a bit early to start introducing 10.5-only apps when 10.5 hasn't even been released. I've not yet released my app yet but I still have to support 10.3.9 because that's the OS my beta testers have. Their are a lot of people out there still using Panther and we can't abandon them just yet.

I don't agree with Mr Young's statement about '90% of the Mac user base upgrading to the latest OS within a reasonable time frame'. 90% of his users perhaps. There are plently of people out there still using Jaguar and even OS9! Most users I know are still on 10.3 with PPC macs.

I agree that 10.5 is looking super-cool, but my obligations to my partners means everything I produce must work on 10.3.9+.
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