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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by Tom — Jan 05

Vanish, nowhere did I say that the Omni Group make "strictly" technical apps. That just happens to be their focus, as a quick look at their product lineup will show. Clearly, obviously, their applications are geared towards a somewhat different user than, say, a typical iLife application.

"Technical" doesn't mean everything but media. I don't think making diagrams is strongly correlated with getting jazzed about OS upgrades, even when the diagrams are "technical". OmniWeb is geekier than Safari, I guess, but it's no Firefox. Apple has bundled Outliner (along with iLife) for years. Graffle and Plan are at least as much business as technical. Dazzle? DiskSweeper? Dictionary? The only thing that really screams "developers" is ObjectMeter. Their next app, Focus, is an organizer. On the whole, I'd say their main focus is the iWork set.
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