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Comment on "MailDemo as a RubyCocoa Bindings App"
by Tim Burks — Jan 05
Hi Scott & Laurent, I've created some confusion by publicly announcing my new bridge (RubyObjC). The officially-supported Apple bridge is called RubyCocoa, and that's what I documented at I wrote RubyObjC so that I could do some things differently without bumping into Laurent. As far as my error-prone comment goes, we agree that in general, more code is more error prone than less code, and I find that with Ruby I can express things much more concisely than I can in Objective-C. But to say that no code is better than less code obscures the fact that my bindings have to be specified somewhere, and I'd rather check them by skimming over a few lines or pages of Ruby than by clicking through all the bindings forms in Interface Builder... it's too easy to forget something while clicking around. I suspect that others who use bindings have had this problem too and have probably responded by writing tools to dump and verify the bindings in their nib files.
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