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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by Scott Stevenson — Jan 05
I don't think I could disagree more in terms of the improvements for developers. On the other hand, I have the benefit of having been to WWDC, so maybe this is just a case of most people haven't seen what's included yet. I'd be really surprised if everyone you know is still so jaded in a few months. It could also just be a difference in opinion.

I'm not sure I understand your point about backporting APIs. I can see why Microsoft did it, but I don't think Apple should do it just because Microsoft did. The two companies have some overlapping markets, but ultimately very different priorities and different sorts of revenue streams.

if you can't afford the New Stuff all the time, you shouldn't be on the Mac anyway
I don't think that's a fair characterization. Given infinite time and resources, developers would like to support everyone. Instead, they do the best they can and make some tough choices. Some choose to aim for the short term, others aim for the long term. There's no one right option. In fact, the ability to apply more focus to a specific kind of user gives independent developers a edge over larger companies like Adobe with much bigger checkbooks.

Apple, OTOH, basically hopes that their developers want to be on the cutting edge so much that it may cloud their business sense
In my opinion, business sense is more than just "support the most configurations of hardware and software." The pure business outlook is really "do what's going to sell the most copies." What Adobe or Microsoft has to do to make that happen is much different than what Macromates or Panic has to do.

I recall the Mac community used to be much less consumerist before Apple rediscovered its massive hubris through iPod/iTunes
My impression is that Apple has always been consumer product company, and I don't see how hurbis enters into it. Or did I misunderstand your point?
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