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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by Uli Kusterer — Jan 06
@Michael Stroeck: It's kinda silly to do a backup that will break along with your Mac when you drop it. External hard disks are a much better solution there.

@David: OpenDoc supposedly died because it relegated applications to being parts of Apple's OS. So, most users wouldn't even have known that the thing they just used was Word. It makes marketing very hard if you can tell nobody in a few clear terms what your application is.

QDGX never really got a chance to be adopted because it didn't really provide many differentiating features, made it *harder* for devs to use it and then Rhapsody came around. Apple learned from that, which is why they're not giving us QuickDraw 64-bit (though AFAIK it exists... probably necessary for QuickTime and iTunes), and they didn't extend Quickdraw but rather invented CoreGraphics and are now shoving that down Carbon programmers' collective throats.

And the whole System 7.1 Pro Fiasco didn't really help much either.
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